Graphite Packing With Carbon Fiber Reinforced

Graphite Packing With Carbon Fiber Reinforced
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Product Details

Graphite packing with carbon fiber corner
 Diagonally braided from pure expanded flexible graphite, reinforced at the corners with a high quality pure carbon yarn.
 Application areas:
 Rotary pumps and valves in power stations and boiler houses, in the petrochemical industry and many other industrial areas.
 Application media:
 Steam, water, fuel, gases, chemicals, mineral and synthetic oils, effluents. Suitable for all processes, except with highly oxidizing media.
 Suitable for a very wide range of applications, reduce maintenance time and cater for very demanding duties.
 Technical data:





3 Mpa

10 Mpa

28 Mpa

Shaft speed:

18m/s rotary


-200℃to +455℃atmosphere; to +650℃in steam

PH range


Also can be supplied packing with a corrosion inhibitor.

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