Corrosion Inhibitor Graphite Packing

Corrosion Inhibitor Graphite Packing
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Corrosion inhibitor graphite packing
 Compared with other series of graphite packing, it has the similar performance. But the corrosion inhibitor acts as a sacrificial anode to protect the valve stem and the stuffing box. This packing does not score the shaft and the shaft and minimizes sleeve replacement cost.
 Application areas:
 It is the ideal choice for high temperature rotary slurry service, such as rotary shafts of pumps, agitators, mixters, crystallizers, filters, continuous digesters, etc.
 Application media:
 It covers a pH range from 0~14 and can be used with water, brine, steam, acids, lyes, chemicals, solvents, liquors, oils and greases, etc.
 Technical data:





3 Mpa

10 Mpa

20 Mpa

Shaft speed:

20 m/s rotary


-200℃to +455℃atmosphere; to +650℃in steam

PH range


Other reinforced materials are also available.
 5kg/roll, 10kg/roll.
Supply OEM products.

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