Carbonized Fiber Packing Impregnated In PTFE

Carbonized Fiber Packing Impregnated In PTFE
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Product Details

 It lacks the usual stiffness of conventional carbon packing. Good flexibility and heat dissipating properties, very low coefficient of friction. Excellent chemical and thermal stability.
 Application areas:
 Multi-purpose packing usable for a very wide range of applications. Particularly well suited for all demanding dynamic applications, like boiler-feed-pumps, mixers, agitators, refiners, etc., but also for static applications like valves, autoclaves, reactors, etc.
 Application media:
 It can be used with nearly all media, from hot and cold water, waste water, alcohol, solvents, to aggressive chemicals and gases, heat transfer agents etc.
 More economy than conventional carbon packing and lacks the stiffness.
 Technical data:





2 Mpa

10 Mpa


Shaft speed:

12m/s rotary


-200℃to +280℃

PH range


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