Spiral Wound Gaskets All Size

Spiral Wound Gaskets Of All Sizes Spiral Wound Gaskets Most Common Applications Are In The Oil And Gas Sector. Refineries, And Chemical Plants Have Utilized Spiral Wound Gaskets For Any Application Above 150 -300# Class Especially When Temperatures Are Elevated Making Cold Flow And Gasket Weep...

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The Spiral Wound Gaskets All Size provides various kinds of size options, thus to provide more choices to meet need and there is no special need of maintaining. Gaskets made from inner and outer rings can accommodate both vacuum and internal pressure applications. And it can be an ideal facility to prevent the gasket from collapsing into the pipe during vacuum applications.


Product Description

The Spiral Wound Gaskets All Size plays an important role in the oil and gas field. Equipped with an external metal ring, it realizes the function to withstand the pressure that the internal pressure of the seal is the most common. The sturdy construction provides stability even when the sealing surface is slightly corroded or bent. Even under frequent pressure fluctuations, it also has strong stress compensation capabilities, stable and reliable sealing performance.


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