Graphite Reinforced Gasket

Graphite Reinforced Gasket
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Product Details

1.The graphite gasket  made from  graphite reinforce sheet and can be processed to be internal ring and external ring .

The general thickness is 1.5mm, 3.0mm, 2.0mm, 4.0mm . 

2. Application: 
It has very good sealing performance, low preloaded pressure, and not sticking to the flange sealing surface; used in the flange surface sealing of pipeline, valve, pump, pressure containers, heat exchanger, and reaction cauldron, etc. The film sticking PTEE can be used in food, pure water, and pharmacy sections.


3. Technique Specification:

1). Working temperature: -200℃~650℃
2). Working pressure: 6.4~10.0MPa
3). Min. Pre-tightening specific pressure: y=30MPa
4). Gasket coefficient: m=2
5). Max. size: 1500x2000mm

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