SS316 Graphite Sheet

SS316 Graphite reinforce sheet is composed of SS316core sheet and flexible graphite coil material. It can be Use in pumps, fittings, gas, offshore, waste gas, pipelines.

Product Details

Graphite reinforce sheet, also known as reinforced graphite sheet or high-strength graphite  sheet is a kind of sealing material formed by composite rolling of punched metal tooth plate or metal mesh plate or metal plate and pure graphite paper. The commonly used inner layer reinforcement materials of Graphite reinforce sheet are SS304, SS316L or tin sheet with thickness of 0.05-0.2mm. The forms are generally sprint plate composite reinforcement, mesh plate composite reinforcement and plate composite reinforcement. It has the characteristics of thermal stability, high strength and no cold flow. It can be made into a variety of circular and complex geometry gasket, such as water level gauge gasket, cylinder gasket, exhaust pipe gasket, ribbed heat exchanger gasket and so on.


Performance features: it has good corrosion resistance, high / low temperature resistance, radiation resistance, good compression resilience and high strength. The required preload is smaller than that of metal gasket and spiral wound gasket, and the requirements for flange surface are not high. It is a relatively economic and practical sealing material.

Use medium: acid, alkali, steam, various solvents and oil products, etc.


Product application: asbestos rubber and non-asbestos sealing materials can be replaced by sealing parts at flange joints of pipes, valves, pumps, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, condensers, generators, air compressors, exhaust pipes, refrigerators, etc.


Common specifications: 1500mm * 1500mm, 1000mm * 1000mm, thickness 0.8mm-5.0mm, special specifications can be required.


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